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All-star Team Evaluation 2016-2017

Are you ready to compete with the best?  Then compete with Pro Spirit!  

Pro Spirit Athletes are Champions Now and Forever!

Pro Spirit Competitive Program Information 2016-2017 - This handbook has information on the Pro Spirit All-star Program, HYPE Program, our NEW Show Team Program and Class Program!

Pro Spirit Competitive Programs Rules and Regulations - Please read before completing Tryout forms.

Pro Spirit Competitive Programs Tryout Forms - All forms must be completed before trying out for any Pro Spirit Competitive Program

Pro Spirit Team Skills Requirements: We recommend that candidates review the skill requirements to determine what level they have mastered.  Candidates should attend the level that they havemastered all the minimum level skills.  A mastered skill is defined as a skill that athletes can warm up and execute on their own, without a spot or assistance and performed with excellent execution and consistency.  Athletes will have an opportunity to show us any skills that they have mastered and/or working on for the next level.