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HYPE Rec Teams

HYPE is celebrating its 6th birthday during the 2016-207 season!  When you become a HYPE team member, your athlete will be placed on an All-Star Prep team.  All-Star Prep is the next step after taking classes at Pro-Spirit that will prepare your athlete to become an elite cheerleader.    This is a great way to get a taste of the All-Star experience!

The Pro Spirit HYPE program is one of the best All-Star Prep programs in the nation.  With 5 years of experience, we understand what it takes to develop your athlete to take that next step towards becoming an elite cheerleader.  The PS HYPE program takes pride in providing a fun, safe experience that develops a lifelong love of the sport. 

 Ultimately our goal is to provide the fundamentals necessary to take the next step to All-Star and/or school cheer.  We believe HYPE is a perfect prerequisite for our competitive All-Star Program and what better way to get ready for All-Star than training with the best of the best… Pro Spirit HYPE.

Are you ready to compete with the best?  Then compete with Pro Spirit!  

Pro Spirit Athletes are Champions Now and Forever!

Pro Spirit Competitive Program Information 2016-2017 - This handbook has information on the Pro Spirit All-star Program, HYPE Program, our NEW Show Team Program and Class Program!


Pro Spirit Competitive Programs Rules and Regulations - Please read before completing Tryout forms.


Pro Spirit Competitive Programs Tryout Forms - All forms must be completed before trying out for any Pro Spirit Competitive Program

Pro Spirit Team Skills Requirements: We recommend that candidates review the skill requirements to determine what level they have mastered.  Candidates should attend the level that they havemastered all the minimum level skills.  A mastered skill is defined as a skill that athletes can warm up and execute on their own, without a spot or assistance and performed with excellent execution and consistency.  Athletes will have an opportunity to show us any skills that they have mastered and/or working on for the next level.